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Unique Gifts for Dads ~ An Etsy Shop Roundup

With the holidays coming up, I wanted to make sure that Hubby received something amazing.  The kids will make him a gift and he will love it.  But I want to get him a little bit more.  So naturally, I went to the best place to find unique gifts for dads, Etsy!Unique Gifts for Dads-Finding the perfect gift idea for a father can be tricky. Whether it's Father's Day, his Birthday, or Christmas, you want to find the perfect present. Check out this roundup of fun gifts that the man in your life will love!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission.  Thank you for supporting Twitchetts!


When it comes to shopping for my Hubby, I run into two problems:

He either buys my great gift idea for himself or he tells me what he wants.

Now, this doesn’t sound like that big of a problem.  But I love going out and finding that perfect gift.  The gift he didn’t know he wanted.  Nothing is more irritating than finding that “perfect gift” and then two days before Christmas, he tells me he wants it…It’s happened…several times…

So, I started my search early for some unique gifts for dads…

The first thing I thought of was a place for him to stash his stuff.

Docking Stations by KkornerInnovations

Unique Gifts for dads-Docking Station-KkornerInnovations

I’ve checked out docking stations before, but they always seemed to look the same.  Then I came across the KkornerInnovations shop.  These docking stations are beautifully crafted and have an amazing design. I know he would really love a spot where he could keep everything together when he went to bed each night.


My hubby also likes his beer… So I thought maybe a nice addition to his man cave, which in our house is the garage, would be nice.

Bottle Openers by MVwoodworks

MVwoodworks-Bottle Cap Catcher

I Loved this bottle opener with a cap catcher. The perfect phrase made this the perfect addition to his favorite place to hang. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the kids finding caps sitting around the house…color sorting anyone?


Naturally, he would need something to pour his drink in…

Personalized Glasses by Dustyroadgurl

Dustyroadgurl-Pint Glass

These glasses are fun and customizable. They had so many options! They have coffee mugs, old fashioned glasses, wine glasses, pint glasses, and more. They even have Das Boot!  Perfect for the guy who has a hard time remembering dates…


My hubby also has a thing about putting on a comfy t-shirt the minute he gets home from work. So naturally, I had to check for something fun and new that he could add to his collection.

T-Shirt Sets by SunshineMountainTees

SunshineMountainTees-Matching Shirts

I stumbled into these fantastic T-Shirt Sets and I’m LOVING them.  Not only are they clever, but they are also made with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink.  Plus, I can see my hubby still wearing this T-shirt when it’s not father’s day!  (I mean…it’s a pizza…he’ll wear that any day of the year!!)  There are tons of other fun designs so you can mix and match to find the set that works best for your family.


Now my hubby has Loads of tools, I’m sure yours does too however, this is one more that you need to add to his collection.

Customized Hammers  by NiksNaksStore


This gift can literally capture a moment in time on something he’ll actually use!  My kiddos are a bit too young this year, but I can’t wait to get this for hubby next year.  Not only is the text burned into the wood, instead of a vinyl cutout, but they also use a quality Stanley hammer!  It’s around good stuff, that he will love!!


If there is one thing my hubby likes more than beer it would probably be coffee, and he could use a new mug.

Mugs by theMugHermit

theMugHermit-Yoda Mug

These mugs from theMugHermit are funny, without being too cheesy. There are so many fun options to choose from and they are high-quality mugs. This one is perfect for my Hubby since Little Miss loves saying “You’re the best”…and it usually comes out sounding more like Yoda, then You’re….plus, Star Wars.

***Note:  These ship from the UK, so make sure you order them early to ensure you’ll get it in time.


Once I saw Yoda it made me think of other movies my hubby likes. If it is Marvel or DC most likely he is a fan.

Key Chains by DistinctlyIvy

DistinctlyIvy-Key Chains

The keychains at DistinctlyIvy stood out to me in both quality and originality.  I love that the kiddos names could be engraved in this one. The perfect gift for their hero. It really makes it from them, which is the point right…


This Christmas, I came back to this post and added some new items that I have found. Check out these other Etsy shops for some unique gift ideas for dads.

Wooden Watches by LuxWoods


The watches created by LuxWoods are perfect for any guy on your list. Masculine and stylish, plus you can have them personalized.


Shaving Kit by AlwaysTurning

AlwaysTurning-Shaving Kit

AlwaysTurning creates shaving kits that are beautiful and useful. Use the single blade or replace the blade with a more standard one, it’s perfect for keeping daddy’s face smooth.

AlwaysTurning-Shaving Kit

Whiskey Stones by polarstones

polarstones-Whiskey Stones

Help dad relax after a long day with whiskey stones from poloarstones.

polarstones-Whiskey Stones

Wallets and Knives by KeepsakesEngraved

KeepsakesEngraved-Wallets and Knives

Check out the amazing gift ideas at KeepsakesEngraved. Create a personalized wallet or knife, perfect for any guy on your list.

KeepsakesEngraved-Wallets and Knives

Apron by dkdEmbroidery


dkdEmbroidery has an apron for the grill master in your family. Check out their shop to see if anyone else on your list could use one of their fun aprons.


FitBit Bracelet by CreekReflections

CreekReflections-FitBit Bracelet

For the FitBit wearing man in your life, create a stylish look with CreekReflections.

CreekReflections-FitBit Bracelet

Now the only problem I have is choosing exactly which one of these unique gifts for dads I’m going to get him this year!  No matter what I choose to get, I am happy that I will be shopping through Etsy. I love shopping small businesses whenever I can!

So let the shopping begin!



Tuesday 7th of June 2016

The Batman key chain. It is theme with our boys. The docking station looks pretty nice too


Monday 6th of June 2016

I would love for my husband to have the Batman key ring. My boys actually think my husband might be Batman and because he was in the military I call him my hero all the time :)


Monday 6th of June 2016

Such neat ideas in here! I love the personalized cups and tees:) sharing on Twitter!

Kim Moore

Monday 6th of June 2016

My dad would love the glass with the dates and my father-in-law would love the yoda mug! Good ideas!!


Monday 6th of June 2016

These are all wonderful ideas. I really love the hammer and I think I would add the first names of the children on it as they are getting older now so when they leave the nest he will have a keepsake he will use over and over that brings back so many memories.