So, I’m going to be honest…I was LAZY when it came to Pinterest in December.  Even worse than I was in September.  It was so bad, that my Tailwind queue even ran out!  Not. Good.

The Pin Project - Pin for Pin - December 2015 Monthly Pinterest series with tips and tricks for growing your pinterest traffic while starting from a very low number. Facebook Pin Groups

While I have been pretty Pinterest naughty…Susie is continuing to rock out her piece of our strategy.  Facebook Pin Groups

These are private Facebook groups that you can join.  You drop your pin in a thread, repin the rest of the pins in that thread while everyone else is pinning your content.  These groups help give your new pins some legs.  It gets them out into the Pinterest world by getting some immediate repins, plus it will help you get some pins into your queue.

There are lots of these types of groups.  We are members of the Pinterest Pin for Pin & Pin for Pin groups.  You may also find Pinterest threads in some of the blogger groups that you are a part of.  Feel free to share any Facebook groups that you have joined in the comments.

So how did my lazy month effect our numbers?


(All stats are based on our Pinterest sessions)

Page Views: 7468 – Up 160 views since last month

New Subscribers: 135 – Up 74 since last month

Pinterest Followers: 1829 – Up 221 from last month

I’m pretty happy about the fact that our page views count didn’t go down…considering how bad I was.  It just proves that all the work that we’ve been doing has paid off.

Top Post

MineCraft Swords: 3556 re-pins. Original Post on March 2, 2015

Activity Dice: 1142 re-pins. Original Post on August 18, 2015

MineCraft Torches: 949 re-pins. Original Post on March 2, 2015

Toddler Snack Cookies: 479 re-pins. Original Post on April 8th

TMNT Activity Enter the HASHI: 387 re-pins. Original Post January 19, 2015

The Activity Dice just keeps on growing!  They’ve jumped to second place!

Love it or Leave it

This month, I’m going to say I’m loving that fact that I had Tailwind. (I know…I know…Tailwind has made this section a lot)  If I wouldn’t have had a stock pile of pins, I wouldn’t have had anything being pinned in December.  I was so bad, but since I was able to “stock up” on pins when I had a burst of Pinterest motivation, I was able to keep it all alive.  Seriously people.  Tailwind is where it’s at!!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should head over there.  Don’t forget that they do have a Free option, so you can test it out without making a commitment.

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