Join us as we look back at the crazy that was October with this month’s Monthly Mommy Moments.Even on the Craziest of days, its the little moments that keep us sane. Monthly Mommy Moments.

My man is in high gear when it comes to insisting that V Will be a Buckeyes fan… She even cheers O-H-Monthly Mommy Moments

Little Miss finally gets to use that white crayon.  It’s been bugging her for quite a while.C71ABE13-138A-45DD-BD9E-DBA576C63ACE

My not so little boy was able to read all of the story boards this year at the pumpkin patch!Monthly Mommy Moments

These kiddos could have spent an entire day playing with corn.640A43F1-C44B-42E9-8CB9-C8630D8FAAF5

We even used the colored bubbles… I guess we don’t wash the car enough!Monthly Mommy Moments

Mr Monster was about 3,000 times braver than mommy when it came to our little “visitor”.B4992761-F896-41A4-A76D-2BE7485163D3

V took a huge step this  month and started to use the potty… More of that to come, but it has Not been a smooth and sailing part of our lives…
Monthly Mommy Moments

Mr Monster is also on the potty training path…however, I think he’s more excited about figuring out how to turn on the water all by himself.76F9C983-669D-4874-BF53-2CD5165993F1

J has learned to play along… “I don’t know where she is mom…”Monthly Mommy Moments

Do you think J can find my kiddos?

What have you been up to this month?

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