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One Year Down…

One year down. We are still in amazement that a year has gone by! Where did the time go? Over the past year we have really hit our stride. With lots of fun parties, free printables, crafts, snacks, and more people are stumbling across our blog from all different places. We decided to take a look back and highlight some of our favorite posts from the beginning of our blog.

Twitchetts is a year old. Check out some of our original posts!

Prepping for the Switch Witch… A New Halloween Tradition

This first post is nearly a year old and is still one of our favorites. It’s a little bit of a craft and activity all in one. It also encourages better eating habits for your kiddos.

Start your switch witch Halloween tradition with these fun baskets and cute poem. Free Poem Printable

Gallery Wall Reveal!

Next we have something that Kate had put off… and off… and off….. Completing her gallery wall. This blog and a couple mirrors was all it took for her to get going!

This Gallery wall if full of DIY creations.

MiniFigure Madness ~ A Lego MiniFigure Stand

One of the most popular posts, out the gate, that we wrote was all about getting those Lego MiniFigures up off the floor. They are J’s favorite and they needed a home.  So with a little planning, and a bunch of Kragle, we found a solution to the problem.

Get those Lego Men off the floor and onto a great Lego stand.

First Squash of the Season!

We decided we weren’t good enough cooks to pass off a bunch or “real” recipes… We are all about being your Food Muse. Little tips and tricks that you can use as inspiration to help feed your family. This was a favorite because a lot of people might be slightly intimidated by a spaghetti squash (Susie included)

Spaghetti squash is tasty and a great substitute for pasta.

So with one year down, and so much more up our sleeves, it is safe to say that we will continue to bring you fun parties, free printables, crafts, snacks, and more for years to come. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!!

Twitchetts - Kate and Susie

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