We are well into spring and things are really starting to take off in our gardens. Some things we had started from seeds and others from small plants. All in the hope of Trimming Our Organic Budget by growing our own food.


First are some Roma Tomatoes…

Roma tomato Seedlings

Started from seeds they have a few flowers!

Roma Tomato Plant with Flowers

Do you remember these little guys?!

cabbage seedling

They have turned into some lovely heads of cabbage!

Cabbage from seed

I love the beautiful color of these lettuces that we started in the garden from seed.


So excited to see this first little pepper.

first little pepper

Who doesn’t love herbs? Our lavender is starting to bloom!

Flowering Lavender




Unlike Susie, my garden lives in containers outside my back patio.


My tomatoes were started by Momma K, and transplanted just after Mother’s Day.  They’re getting super tall…but no flowers yet.


I do have a couple flowers on my peppers!


I’m on round two of my lettuce.  I wish I would have started a batch in between.  I’ve gone a couple weeks without having anything big enough to harvest.


My favorite plant to watch grow is my pole beans.  Watching it reach up and grab at the pole is amazing!


Not everything is still looking pretty.  All this rain is making my strawberries very sad.



Have you been growing?  How are your gardens looking?

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