Parenting without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math.

Welcome to April’s batch of Monthly Mommy Moments.  We had a great response to the request for mommy moments.  They were all great and we had a hard time picking just two!

Kate:  I was literally pulled in 2 directions…literally.

Susie: So my V honestly thinks this wall is a really big canvas… we are all about art in our house, but the bottom half of our wall is becoming a lighter shade of green from washing it so many times!!

Kate:  We are in full on puzzle mode in our house lately!

Melissa from The Stay-at-Home Life: I have no idea why she felt the the need to sweep a tree for 15 minutes. At least she was quiet.

Susie: Little Miss was rockin Pigtails in one of our first posts and now I can Finally share in the fun, yes I am officially obsessed with these!!

Kate:  We’re still getting the hang of the selfie.

Susie: My son actually said Cray-Cray… I’m glad I am too old to use that term, enough said.

Rachael from Three Boys and a MomBaby gates – Helping moms go to the bathroom “alone” since 1906!

Susie: I choke up every time thinking about all of the amazing memories she will have dancing with her Daddy

Kate:  Little Miss has started calling me out on traffic violations.
Little Miss~ Mommy!  You forgot to stop at that stop sign!
Me~No I didn’t…
Little Miss~Yes you did!  You gotta look at the cars!
Thank you to everyone who sent in your Mommy Moments! As always we will be back next month with many more so keep them coming!!
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