Have problems getting out of the door in the morning?

Need some tips to make the process go better?

Yeah…me too.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have been to work on time since having kids. Whether its tantrums, tears or snuggles; there is always something that comes up.  Always. But as the years have gone on, I’ve come up with some advice that seems to help. They may not be perfect; but they may help you get through the crazy that is a working mom’s morning.

1~Have your child scream “MOOOOMMMMMAAAAA” 5 minutes before your alarm goes off. This will insure that you don’t hit snooze too many times and sleep in too late. You didn’t need those last 5 minutes anyway.

2~Always put away all of your clean laundry. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, outfits magically end up together in your 15 thousand laundry baskets. Also…socks.

3~Tell your child that they cannot have their breakfast until after their diaper is changed and they are dressed for the day. There should not be any negative reaction to this request. Toddlers have the ability to reason that this is a valid request.

4~Be sure to have their milk poured, cereal in their bowls and multivitamins ready. Otherwise, you could always just make them wait while you prepare breakfast. It does build patience.

5~Coffee does not need to be brewed ahead of time. Starbucks really needs your business.

6~Prepare your child’s lunches from last night’s dinner…even though they didn’t eat it the night before.  I’m sure they’ll decide that they like it today.

7~Take  your children to the bathroom as soon as they wake up. Deciding that they need to go poop as you’re walking out the door is less convenient.

8~Make sure you put toddler’s shoes on as soon as possible. This helps to eliminate the removal of socks in unknown areas of your house. Please note…this could backfire and cause both shoes AND socks to be lost.

9~Also, put your toddler’s shoes on for them. Letting them do it themselves will take five times longer and involve shoes being thrown and tears being shed. They can learn how to do it themselves when they’re five.

10~Communicate early on that today is NOT show and tell day. This way you will not have to explain it to them 157 more times.

11~Always put your keys in the same location. Because you only really lose them when you are running behind…or have your hands completely full.

12~Make sure everything that you have to take with you is in something with a strap. This way, you can successfully carry lunches, snacks, diapers, 15 show and tell items (even though it’s not show and tell day), your laptop, your purse, and a kicking screaming toddler at the same time.

13~Strap you kids into the car before you open the garage door.  Otherwise, they’re sure to dash outside. Fresh air is good for them, but you’re already about 20 minutes behind schedule and they can play at daycare.

Following these tips will ensure that your commute to work is the highlight of your morning.

You’re welcome.

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