I remember last year the days leading up to the big 3-0. I was nervous and wishing the day would never come… My 20s were going to be gone, and for some reason I thought that was scary!! Well on the 26th I was officially 31 after a year of 30 under my belt let me tell you…

30… It’s Not So Bad!!

So here is my Rant-

Why does everyone freak out when they are going to hit 30?! I feel like I was just following suit. Everyone else that I knew acted like it was scary to turn 30, why shouldn’t I. Then after they were 30 No one told me 30 was not so bad. I had some amazing years in my 20s. Lots of great memories that I will always cherish, but there are so many things that I am loving about my 30s and I am only one year in!

Let me tell you…
I have traded in my Friday nights from the bar scene to the home scene… And I am ok with that. All I need is a glass (or bottle) of wine and some good company. My house is now one of my favorite Friday night hang outs. Waking up without a hangover on {most} Saturdays and Sundays is amazing!!
My finances are finally in check. I don’t constantly feel broke. I don’t have to constantly check the balance on my checking account. I have a budget (in my head) that I stick to ~some of the time~  and when I don’t it’s not the end of the world.
I am more confident in myself…  I don’t feel like I am ever trying to please people.

If they don’t like me I Don’t Care!

I like me, my family likes me, and my friends like me. That is all that matters!! I don’t feel like I Need to impress people to make new friends, if one stumbles into my life that’s great, but I don’t find my self seeking them out.
I live a more balanced and healthy life. I have to admit I have felt my age a bit. I feel the need to treat my body better. I don’t abuse it like I did for years. I eat better, try to get in some exercise, and make sure to get some sleep. I do need my sleep. I’m not sure how I manged before on so much less… (oh ya I was in my 20s)
So yes I do have a few more wrinkles, and yes my legs might have a little more jiggle, but it is all worth it in the end. With age I have grown into a wiser stronger woman. My children amaze me everyday and we are making so many great memories.

I would never turn the clock back even if I could.

The sweet reality of aging is you can’t slow down time, why fight it? Just embrace the change in your life. The only thing that tics me off is that the older you get, the faster it goes… Now if someone could figure that out, I wouldn’t mind holding off on 40 for awhile…

-end of rant-

So Cheers To Your 30s,

Enjoy Them!!

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30 was my “scary age”.  But now that I’m well into them, I’m loving them!  You’re right, we need to start announcing how great they are so that people stop being so scared of them!

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