Nothing bugs me more than when I get a glare from a stranger when making a parenting decision. First of all it is My kid, second of all it is None of Your business!! 

At our grocery store, like many across the country, they give out free cookies to the kids… Now I know what some people might be thinking; it’s just a cookie right. Well to me it isn’t. We try to keep desserts to a weekend or special occasion thing in our home. Then, for the most part, I am choosing what is going into their precious little tummies.

A few years back I had a day where I saw the light… and by light I mean an article all about GMOs. Now this isn’t going to be a post about that (although I could go on and on about it) but I realized at that moment I had no idea what was in the food I was feeding my little boy. I was instantly scared into becoming a label reading junkie. That’s right:

“Hi, My name is Susie, and I can not buy anything without reading the label.”

I lean towards organic on a lot of my food purchases now. Keeping that on a budget is tricky, that is why we have started to share the tips we use on the blog. It is doable and our babies are worth every penny. I will spend $200 at the grocery store, but never own a $200 purse… And I am OK with that.
Back to that lady (stranger) at the deli counter. The woman behind the counter offered V (she’s 20months old) a cookie.  I declined and told her that if she could cut me off an extra piece of cheese, that would be great. She smiled and passed V a piece of Gouda. V kicked her feet, said “thanks” and was happy. The stranger lady behind me actually said to her husband “I can’t believe she wouldn’t let her have a cookie”  REALLY?!? 
{in my head}
1.It was 10:30am.  To me that isn’t cookie time. Ever. (ok, maybe Christmas)
2. It was one of those sugar ones with an inch of pink icing. (yes, they are yummy) but why would I want my child to learn to want that much sugar? Sugar is addicting!!
3.Kids at that age don’t forget. I see so many kids run straight to the counter for their cookie. Then they are the ones getting yelled at in the check out line for being antsy. Well you just let them eat about 30grams of sugar, what did you think would happen?
I am perfectly happy letting my kids splurge from time to time. J gets to buy suckers at school for fundraisers; I buy cookies that do not contain artificial colors or flavors for around the house.  I do trade candy with him on big holidays as much as possible. (like the switch witch for Halloween). He doesn’t go without sweets. I just try to keep it in moderation, it shouldn’t be expected it should be a treat.
The biggest thing is, it is:

My Child which means it is My Choice!!

I don’t grab a mom giving her baby one of those cookies and give her a piece of my mind so I don’t expect the latter….

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Wow.  The nerve of some people.  I hate having to defend healthy eating habits!

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