Where did this month go?!?!  Between pumpkin patches and costume making, October flew by!! 

Here is our roundup of mommy moments. Hope they put a smile on your face. 

Kate:  Little Miss just told me an entire story about her day.  Start to finish, it all made sense.  She’s growing up so fast. 

Susie: Waiting for the kids to go to bed to get out your Ben & Jerry’s because you want it all to yourself!

Kate:  Mr. Monster just tried to climb up the oven…I’m seriously debating calling him Mr. Monkey…

Susie: Coming around the corner to this…

… they are watching football.

Kate:  The most relaxing part of my day was sitting on the edge of the tub while Little Miss goes potty.

Susie: When your little one has been napping for a Long time… Long enough that you think you should wake them… By the time your at the crib you stop and start walking slowly out as quiet as possible… thinking you must be going crazy!! Why would you Ever wake the baby!!

Kate:  I just picked up!!!

Susie: While doing our produce shopping at my favorite Farmers Market, V decided she wanted a mango. Ok, so she grabbed one and started to eat it skin and all. She was sticky, but it was too cute!

Susie: Today I went to get my sweet baby girl up from her nap only to find her up. She had figured out how to get her diaper off, and yes, it was dirty. Like Dirty Dirty. It was indeed a S*#T%Y moment, and it was EVERYWHERE!! Only one good thing, V sleeps with a Bobo (aka pacifier) so there wasn’t any in her mouth.

Kate:  Mr Monster is finally old enough to play well with Little Miss. 

Kate:  When your up way past your bedtime, finishing costumes and baking for food days.

Susie: Realizing Halloween morning you don’t have your Switch Witch gift yet!!

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