Last month, Mr Monster turned 2.  My baby is officially not a baby anymore…sigh.  To celebrate, I took a page from our 8 Tips to Hosting an Unforgettable Kids Party and chose a theme based off of what he was into at this moment.  And that is undoubtedly animals.  Farm animals […]

Farm Animal Birthday Party

Cardboard play castle tutorial. Step by step guide to make a cardboard building. Perfect for a princess birthday party.
Building this cardboard play castle reminded me of my mom.  Our ability to create with cardboard is completely hereditary.  You think Susie would be able to create Minecraft swords with out training from a cardboard master?  Our mom created puppet show stages, giant trees, castles, and an old west town with […]

Cardboard Play Castle Tutorial

Pick Your Pink Lemonade Station-Refreshing pink lemonade station. Summer party drink station. Let your guests pick their flavor of lemonade.
A Pick Your Pink Lemonade Party Station is the perfect addition to any party, from a girly pink baby shower to a Princess Birthday Party.  The Lemonade station provides entertainment as well as a tasty beverage that everyone enjoyed! Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This […]

Pick Your Pink Lemonade Party Station

Last month my church ladies group hosted a luncheon.  The speaker was a member of our congregation that had recently been on a mission trip to Nicaragua.  In her trip, she worked with a couple charities that do such great work that I wanted to share a little about them. […]

Project Hope