The Minecraft Sword. DIY, Party Ideas, and Bedroom Decor.
The Minecraft sword.  The weapon of choice for Minecraft gamers.  The item that stands out, from J’s Minecraft Birthday Party, was the sword.  It was the grand prize of the amazing Minecraft Party Activity.Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link […]

Minecraft Sword ~ Minecraft Party Ideas

Make these DiY Minecraft Torches for your Minecraft fan. Make them for a room decoration, for a Minecraft birthday party, or just a fun craft!
While a lot of the set up for this party was time-consuming. These DIY Minecraft Torches were not! They were my favorite thing that I made. I wish I had made enough that each kid could take home their own Minecraft Torch, but I didn’t have enough candles… I have actually made these […]