Parenting without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math. Welcome to April’s batch of Monthly Mommy Moments.  We had a great response to the request for mommy moments.  They were all great and we had a hard time picking just two! Kate:  I was […]

Monthly Mommy Moments

Monthly Mommy Moments
“Silence is golden….Unless you have a toddler. In that case silence is very very suspicious.” Kate:  When telling Little Miss that Mr Monster has pink eye – “He can’t have PINK eye, he’s a boy!  He has BOY eye” Susie: I’m not sure who thought day of the week socks […]

Monthly Mommy Moments

Nothing bugs me more than when I get a glare from a stranger when making a parenting decision. First of all it is My kid, second of all it is None of Your business!!  At our grocery store, like many across the country, they give out free cookies to the kids… […]

Raw Mom Rant

Mommy…. MOM… MaMa… Mum… MOMMY… Ma… Mother No matter how you hear it in your home, some days it sounds like it’s on repeat. As moms there are many interesting moments that happen, but don’t worry you aren’t alone!  Susie: Picking your battles… Like sandals with socks… Kate:  Look Mom! […]

Monthly Mommy Moments

Because we live in different states everything we do is via Facetime and phone calls.  Thanks to J we have all gotten together to enjoy his 7th birthday! The little ones have been having a blast (the big ones too) instead of a normal post we are letting you in […]

A Family Weekend

It’s that time again and this time we are sharing our Blogger Love, Bloglovin’ style.   So we are about 6 months deep into our blog, still babies in the blogger world, but steadily growing… One resource we have failed to utilize is Bloglovin’.  Which looking back might just seem […]

Blogger Love, Bloglovin’ Style

As we near the six month mark, it feels like we have hit our stride. With some reoccurring posts, lots of yummy recipes, and fun crafts we have built up an archive we are proud of!! Since we are still babies in the blogging world we wanted to give you […]

Flashback Friday

It’s that time again. See how many of these you can relate too!! Susie: My first moment any mom knows… You are NEVER alone in the bathroom!!! Kate:  Hide and seek has started in my house…it consists of Little Miss running into the living room, laying down and covering her […]

Monthly Mommy Moments

Being in our first year of the blog we have realized how much support we get from other bloggers.  We continue to grow and be inspired everyday by blogs we are reading. So today we are sharing a few posts that we have enjoyed….       The first post […]

Sharing A Little Blogger Love

Welcome to 2015!  While we still have until October 21st to get the hover board ready (yes, we are those kind of nerds…), I feel like this is going to be an amazing year. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but we have a new banner. That’s right, Florida is […]

Welcome to 2015

Well we must have blinked, because another month has passed.  November came and went so fast that I’m still full from all the pumpkin pie.  Here are a few Mommy Moments that we wanted to share.  Looking forward to a wondrous December! Kate:  Been wanting this shot for so long!! […]

Monthly Mommy Moments

On any given day I usually have a few different blog posts in the back of my head that have been started.  But they need pictures.  Or they have pictures but no words. Something about the holiday season has me thinking my post has to meet some sort of expectations. […]

The Post That Didn't Happen…

As the Christmas season approaches, we all get a little crazy. There is a lot happiness, joy, and stress to go around. The main thing is to strive to enjoy the season. It comes and goes so fast.  There are so many memories to be made.  To make it through […]

Christmas Traditions

We are nearing the 2 month mark of the blog.  Yay!!  We appreciate everyone that has been stopping by to check us out. Today we are going to take a look back on some of the favorite posts that we have had so far. Most Popular Lego MiniFigure Madness From […]

Flash Back Friday