Converting from Blogger to WordPress
Blogging and Family… Family and Blogging… As sisters our blog and family go hand in hand, so a family weekend was the perfect time to tackle our major conversion. A few late nights, early mornings, and a lot of coffee and wine later…We are officially Official!!!! Welcome to   […]

Converting from Blogger to WordPress

Nothing bugs me more than when I get a glare from a stranger when making a parenting decision. First of all it is My kid, second of all it is None of Your business!!  At our grocery store, like many across the country, they give out free cookies to the kids… […]

Raw Mom Rant

Because we live in different states everything we do is via Facetime and phone calls.  Thanks to J we have all gotten together to enjoy his 7th birthday! The little ones have been having a blast (the big ones too) instead of a normal post we are letting you in […]

A Family Weekend

Welcome to 2015!  While we still have until October 21st to get the hover board ready (yes, we are those kind of nerds…), I feel like this is going to be an amazing year. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but we have a new banner. That’s right, Florida is […]

Welcome to 2015

On any given day I usually have a few different blog posts in the back of my head that have been started.  But they need pictures.  Or they have pictures but no words. Something about the holiday season has me thinking my post has to meet some sort of expectations. […]

The Post That Didn't Happen…

As the Christmas season approaches, we all get a little crazy. There is a lot happiness, joy, and stress to go around. The main thing is to strive to enjoy the season. It comes and goes so fast.  There are so many memories to be made.  To make it through […]

Christmas Traditions