3D Construction Paper Crafts for Kids

3D construction paper crafts are a fun way to bring another dimension to your paper activities.  Don’t be intimidated by the 3D, these are all still great paper crafts for kids to create.3D Construction paper crafts. Make 3d art with paper. From animals to shapes, take your papercraft to the next level by making them three dimensional.

3D Construction Paper Crafts

Creating 3D paper crafts may sound intimidating.  But a simple twist of the paper will turn a plain piece of paper into a 3D flower!  Glue a rainbow differently and it will stand up off the page.  The possibilities are endless!

We love giving our construction paper projects a fun three-dimensional twist and kids love to see their art work “come to life”.  When you create a 3D animal craft or puppet, you’re not only crafting with your child, you’re giving them a fun object to play and explore with.  Some of these crafts have been played with for weeks after their creation.

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Holiday 3D Paper Crafts

Bring your holiday kids crafts to the next level with these 3D holiday paper crafts!

3D Nature Paper Art

Create nature indoors with these fun 3D construction paper projects. Create trees for every season and flowers of any color!

Construction Paper Animals

These animal crafts are loads of fun and easy to create!  Don’t be surprised if your little one wants to continue to play with their new friend long after the craft is complete.

Fun 3D Construction Paper Crafts

Simple boxes, rainbows that stand off the page, or puppets for afternoon play, these crafts are all about the fun!

What will your next 3D construction paper craft be?

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