Do you have a Minecraft fan at home? They keep adding more and more to the game which is constantly sparking J’s interest. I created these DIY Minecraft Swords for his birthday party and they were a hit! I will not lie they were a labor of love. However, the excitement of the boys when I told them they got to keep it made it worth every minute!

Make these DiY Minecraft Sword for your Minecraft fan. Make them for a room decoration, for a Minecraft birthday party, or just a fun craft!

Now these DiY Minecraft swords can be used so many ways. They could be used as decorations, gifts for the kids, or as part of an activity. We used them for all 3!

What you need to make your own DiY Minecraft Swords:  

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The Minecraft Sword. DIY, Party Ideas, and Bedroom Decor.

  • Cardboard.
  • A foam Minecraft Sword.
  • A box cutter. (Make sure to have a fresh blade)
  • A marker.
  • Paints. Colors depend on what kind of swords you are making.
  • Square edge paintbrush.

Making your DiY Minecraft Swords:

Grab your box cutter, a fresh blade, and a marker.
Like most Minecraft lovers J had one of these foam swords that I traced. If you do not have a foam sword to trace you would have to work out a template sword. Since all of the lines are straight and work off of a standard square this is possible, time-consuming, but possible.
 Cut out your sword, do it again, and again, and again…. I mentioned in the first party post this was a labor of love!!
Time to start painting!! Now depending on your kiddo they may want all diamond, gold, iron, stone, or even wood!! The possibilities are endless, just like the game.
Start with your middle color.
Using another sword as a guide, add your next layer. You are only painting single squares here so you don’t have to go to the edge.
Both sides.
Repeat this process for the outside edge.
Using the scraps and the other swords to help guide your painting will save you loads of time.
 Make sure you have a square edged paint brush.  It will make things a LOT less frustrating! You can pull up images online to help you with doing the handles. There are images everywhere!
Finish up by painting in the rest of the handle brown.
The kids loved their swords and it made a great party favor. Now just so you know there are definitely preferred swords so check with your kiddos before making them for what kind to make. I did a variety because it worked with our party activity. You could easily do all diamond or all iron etc.

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