The Pin Project ~ Lets be Popular on Pinterest

Can you believe we’ve been doing the Pin Project for 6 months?!?!  It seems crazy that it has gone on for so long!!  I’m pretty excited about how much our traffic has grown in these past 6 months.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve found a couple new little tricks that you’re going to love…I’m trying to be popular on Pinterest…and I think it’s working!

The Pin Project - Lets be popular on pinterest - October 2015

1 ~ We’re updating our Pins.  And the traffic is showing.  We are looking through our posts from last year and updating the pins to match whats trendy on Pinterest.  Take a look at our Switch Witch pins:

The Pin Project - Lets be popular on pinterest - October 2015

The one on the left was pinned last year. The most repins I show is 20.  The one on the right was pinned on August 31, 2015.  So 103 repins in a little over two months!  Was it a fluke?  I had to find out…

Here are the stats on our Sweet and Spicy Cornbread Casserole…10 repins in 50 weeks vs 39 repins in 3 weeks!  (and it doesn’t even have Thanksgiving in the description…something that I’ve since fixed.)

The Pin Project - Lets be popular on pinterest - October 2015

And our Stuffing from Scratch recipe…12 repins in 50 weeks vs. 21 repins in 3 weeks.

The Pin Project - Lets be popular on pinterest - October 2015

The Thankful Tree…11 repins in 1 year vs. 69 pins in 2 weeks!

The Pin Project - Lets be popular on pinterest - October 2015

It was no fluke!!  This tip is really working!

2 ~ Pinning from the Popular Pins.  This idea came from a Facebook tip that I heard.  The tip was to post trending topics on Facebook to get a better reach.  It dawned on me…maybe this will work for Pinterest too!  When I do my random pinning…you know, the pinning that I still do for fun…I’ve started browsing the Popular pins.

The Pin Project - Lets be popular on pinterest - October 2015

This process has added 5-15 pins to my current 18 pins per day.  And it’s stress free.

So, have any of these tricks been helping???  Lets take a look at the stats…


(All stats are based on our Pinterest sessions)

Page Views:  3343– Up 550 views since last month

New Subscribers:  44 – Up 10 since last month

Pinterest Followers:  1502 – Up 118 from last month

I took out the percent of traffic update.  I feel like it’s not really an accurate look at our Pinterest growth, since Pinterest is not the only area we’re trying to improve.

Top Post

MineCraft Swords: 2742 re-pins. Original Post on March 2, 2015

MineCraft Torches: 752 re-pins. Original Post on March 2, 2015

Toddler Snack Cookies: 447 re-pins. Original Post on April 8th

TMNT Activity Enter the HASHI: 334 re-pins. Original Post January 19, 2015

Activity Dice: 279 re-pins. Original Post on August 18, 2015

The Activity Dice have officially made it into the top 5, knocking out the Card Boxes!

Love it or Leave it

This month I’m going to say I’m LOVING the Popular searches.  It’s adding to my pin count and introducing me to some fun new ideas!

Six Months Later

So it’s been 6 months since we’ve started…are you curious how well we’re doing?

I’m so excited to announce that in 6 months, we have increased our traffic from Pinterest by….drumroll please….


That’s right!!  We went from 508 page views to 3343 in six months!

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And feel free to follow us on Pinterest!  We’d love  to have you join us!

I’m so excited to see what the next 6 months have in store for us!


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