UpCycled Halloween Wreath

I know, I know, I said that I was done with the Halloween crafts and posts, but I just can’t help myself! I am feeling extremely inspired this year and I have to share with you! On Periscope I was showing how to make t-shirt yarn and I figured I should show you the final product. So here is my UpCycled Halloween Wreath.This easy Halloween Wreath is the perfect upcycled craft project! Using T-Shirt yarn and sticks from the yard it is an inexpensive Halloween Decoration.


What you will need for your Halloween Wreath:

  • 4 sticks. 3 main sticks need to be the same size. No wider than your door. The 4th can be smaller.
  • A ball of t-shirt yarn made from one large white shirt (See how to make t-shirt yarn here).
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • A spider.

Making your Halloween Wreath:

Start by using your hot glue to connect the main 3 sticks together so they are visually pleasing to you.Create this fun UpCycled Wreath for your Halloween Decor

Glue down your t-shirt yarn in the center of your web. Begin by wrapping it around the center a few times.Create this fun UpCycled Wreath for your Halloween Decor

Next start working your way out from the center. Wrap the yarn Over-Under-Over each stick working your way around the web.Create this fun UpCycled Wreath for your Halloween Decor

Once you get to the outside, secure the end with a little more hot glue. Leave some extra string at the end for the spider to dangle from.  Attach your spider with more glue.

Take the 4th stick and break to fit along the top. Glue in place. along the top.  This stick will be used to hang your Halloween wreath.
Hang and enjoy!!Create this fun UpCycled Wreath for your Halloween Decor UpCycled Halloween Wreath

The best thing about this Halloween wreath is if you don’t want to store it who cares! It didn’t take too much time or supplies to make. Check out some more fall fun below!

Susie-Signature2 Kate's Sister Side Note

How fun!  I want to make one for our front door too!  The kids can even help make it…or at least pick out the sticks.

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