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If you can’t tell, we are in full-on Halloween mode. So when we started planning for this month’s Free Printable we knew exactly what we were making. A free Jack-O-Lantern Printable.Use this Free Jack-O-Lantern Printable for a template to create a fun felt pumpkin kids activity! Once we had picked out all of the shapes to give the little ones plenty of options for playing we started to cut out our felt from the pattern. At this point, our kiddos showed us there was more than one way to play!

3 Ways to Play with your Jack-O-Lantern Printable:

1.You can create an interactive felt Jack-o-lantern. All you will need are 4 Pieces of felt (1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 black, & 1 background color), fabric glue, tape, & scissors.

Use your Jack-O-Lantern Printable as a template to cut out your shapes, attach with a tape roll to your felt, and cut out. Attach the shapes together with some fabric glue so they are reversible. Let dry over night. Mama K created this fun felt background for our kiddos. Just take the glass out of a frame and replace with a piece of felt!

Free Jack-O-Lantern Template can be used for felt, cardstock, or traced.

2. While the felt pieces were drying I realized that J had been playing with the paper pieces for a while. So for quicker play, you can print the jack-o-lantern template onto colored cardstock or construction paper. Cut out pieces and play!

3. Last J decided to use the pumpkin outline as a jack-o-lantern design sheet. Instruct your little one to either trace the shapes through the paper or draw on anything their imagination desires!!

Free Jack-O-Lantern Template can be used for felt, cardstock, or traced.

The best part is you can print it as many times as you want! Ready to get your printable?  Click here!

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No matter how you play, this Free Jack-O-Lantern printable is sure to be a hit with the little ones and bound to give you at least a couple minutes of free time.

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