Toddlers taste buds go through many phases. They will eat something one week, then the next week they wont touch it! There is only one thing that is certain about their eating habits… They are Messy!!

Toddler Taste-buds...located on cheeks, noses & foreheads - Monthly Mommy Moments - July 2015

Trying to eat like their older siblings can lend to some very messy breakfast moments. She honestly has mastered keeping most of it out of her lap. Out of her nose is still another story…

Monthly Mommy Moments ~ Toddler Taste Buds

Still one of the most Epic Smash cakes I have ever seen!! Mr. Monster lived up to his Monster Themed Party with this one!

Monthly Mommy Moments ~ Toddler Taste Buds

Who needs utensils?? Those spoons never hold enough for this appetite!

Monthly Mommy Moments ~ Toddler Tastebuds Yogurt

Sometimes your hands just can’t get those last little drips of flavor.

Monthly Mommy Moments ~ Toddler Taste Buds

Last, but never least, the Pasta shot!! Enough said.

Monthly Mommy Moments ~ Toddler Tastebuds Spaghetti Face

No matter what you do, Toddlers will always be messy eaters… So grab a camera and enjoy these precious moments while they learn the ropes of eating all of these yummy new foods!

We would like to say Thank You to Sara from for sending in such Great shots this month!!

Next month’s Mommy Moments will be focusing on Back to School! So send us your best shots!

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