Friday I received a package in the mail. I’ve been looking forward to it all month. It’s my Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest. This is my third fix, since joining the program, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Build a healthier home, one month at a time.  Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest.

If you’ve been following us, you know we don’t do a lot of advertisements. We’ve been bouncing around the idea of AdSense and we’ve linked to some Amazon affiliate links. But they never truly felt right.

When I received my first Mighty Fix, I had a feeling that his was a company that would fit.

Mighty Nest sells only natural and safe products for your home, body, and kids. They are where I found the sprinkles I used for Little Miss’ birthday cake.

On top of providing me with peace of mind, they donate 15% of every purchase to the school of your choice!

So I can buy quality safe products for my home and give the kid’s school a bit of extra spending cash!  Win. Win.

Mighty Nest has a great subscription service called the Mighty Fix. Once a month, I pay $10.00 and they ship me something fun. The first month I received 2 packs of these great wash clothes. I know, I know…not super exciting…but I was kinda geeking out over them.  They’re 100% organic cotton, wash up great, and are super cute!

Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest - Wash Clothes

The next month, I received a bottle of great natural sunscreen. This shipment came right before we left town on vacation. In other words, perfect timing.  I love being able to spray on sunscreen, because have you tried to put sunscreen on two toddlers?  Yeah, the spray has been amazing!

Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest - Sunscreen

This month’s shipment was a bottle of Bug Repellent lotion.  I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet…but I’ll let you know how well it works!

Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest - Bug Lotion

Just in case getting a monthly product and 15% donated to your school wasn’t enough, I can tack on all my purchases for the month and have them delivered, with no shipping charges, with my Mighty Fix.

So Little Miss’ sprinkles…free shipping.
Mr Monster’s sprinkles and food dye…free shipping.

So hop on over to Might Nest and check them out! But be careful…you’ll have a wish list as big as mine before you know it!


Susie's Sister Side Note

I was so excited to be giving back 15% to J’s school. That really adds up fast… especially when they have so many great items to choose from!!

This post contains affiliate links.  Don’t worry, it’s only for things that we love.