Nothing hurts a grocery budget more than tossing out food.  Seriously, it pains me when I have to toss half an onion or a small bag of pulled chicken.  It’s like crumpling up money and tossing it in the garbage.  But, even with a good meal plan and going to the store with a complete grocery list, life happens and food gets left unused.  In today’s edition of Trimming Your Organic Budget, we are giving you some tips on how to use up or save that food so you don’t throw Any of it out!

On either Saturday or Sunday I take advantage of nap time and go through my fridge.  I pull out anything and everything that could go bad and put in on the counter.
Get out your baggies, containers, cutting board and knife and get to sorting.
Everything gets either frozen, packaged for lunches or used up that night.
A single serving of leftover soup?  Throw it in a freezer bag and you have a perfect lunch later.
Extra spinach?  Throw it in the freezer to be used in a batch of smoothies.
Lemon nearing the edge?  Freeze the juice in ice cube trays.
Extra sauce?  Throw it in a bag and freeze it for a future meal.  (I still have some leftover milk bags from when I was nursing.  They are perfect for sauces.)
Make sure you’re freezing everything flat.  I lay them on a cooling rack in the freezer to keep them perfectly flat until they’re frozen.
If there is something that is almost gone, I usually eat it.  Fuel for the project!
If I absolutely can’t use something, it goes into the compost.
If there is anything that isn’t getting frozen, it gets prepped for that week’s lunches or chopped for that night’s dinner.
 Stumped on what to serve with your leftovers?  Check out these simple suggestions.


Chop up your veggies and toss them with either soy sauce or a splash of Italian dressing.

Add some rice or noodles and you have a quick and simple dinner that everyone will love!


You can throw just about anything that you need to get rid of on top!
A home made dough can take some time and practice to master. I promise to share mine in another post.
Start pulling out those toppings!!
Chop, dice, and slice away!
We use peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, you name it! Left over chicken, beef, or ham, the possibilities are endless.
Let the family help build the pizzas
Bake and enjoy!
We Always have left over sauce, even after giving some to J to dip his crust. Now we don’t want to waist this right!!! Try sending it in a packed lunch. Great tips in this post here.
(Another Day Another Lunch)

Of course some weeks neither pizza or stir-fry really work with your ingredients.  For those nights we just make due and serve what you have!

Keeping Organic food out of the trash might just be one of the best ways to trim you budget!!
How do you keep food out of the trash?
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