My tip today is simple…almost too simple.  It’s Costco.  Do it.
The savings on frozen veggies alone will make it worth it.

Buying the giant bags of frozen veggies at Costco is going to save you some serious cash.  But it’s not that great of a deal, if you’re constantly moving the bags out of your way in your freezer. 
That space is too valuable to be wasted by a giant bag of green beans.
So bag them up.  See, I told you it was a simple tip.
I store my new mini bags in the deep freeze and only keep one or two in the main freezer.
This is the box that’s going down to the deep freeze.  Can you imagine if all that was stuck in my little mini freezer?  If you don’t have a deep freeze, then at least the mini bags are easier to arrange.

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I never thought to do this, those big bags really do get in the way!

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