This week’s gallery wall project is my favorite so far.  It was the most time-consuming project, but totally worth it.  It was easy, relaxing, and I love how it looks.  It was so much fun to make that I actually made two!  And most families have a few extra puzzles laying around the house!  Why not use them to get a little creative!The idea came to me while I was browsing Pinterest.  I saw a children’s craft using puzzle pieces.  The child had just laid the pieces in a pile in that was the shape of whatever they were making.  It was cute, but not something you hang on the wall.I actually had to go out and buy a puzzle from a thrift store, because all the puzzles in our house are toddler sized.  But that only cost a couple dollars.  And putting the puzzle together was really fun too.  It had been years since I put together a puzzle that had more than 48 pieces.I did a quick base coat on each piece.Then I planned my color scheme by marking each piece with what color I want it to be.  It saved me from going crazy remembering what pieces I wanted to paint.After all the pieces were painted, I attached it to a piece of white paper and gave it a quick coat of Modge Podge.I felt like there was a little something missing.  So I added a small painted heart.I was originally going to mount the cross to a wood board.  But it didn’t look right, so instead, I mounted it to a piece of paper and placed it into a frame that I had bought from a rummage sale.  (I have a hoarding problem when it comes to old frames…at least it paid off this time.)I’m really excited to get this one hung on the wall.

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