Mommy…. MOM… MaMa… Mum… MOMMY… Ma… Mother
No matter how you hear it in your home, some days it sounds like it’s on repeat.
As moms there are many interesting moments that happen, but don’t worry you aren’t alone!

 Susie: Picking your battles… Like sandals with socks…
Kate:  Look Mom!  A new game!  We take the books out of the cabinet and then climb in!
 Susie: My list has ten things… How do I end up with 10 bags!!!
I need to go back and use Kate’s Meal Planning for the Procrastinator tips.
Would save me A Lot of money!!
Kate:  Little Miss ran up to me, so proud, and announced “I ate SALT!”
Mental note-keep salt and pepper pushed back during breakfast.
 Susie: I hate laundry, just when you think you are done there is a basket of socks!
Then this many that don’t match!! I need to find a fun craft to use up all of these odd socks.
Leave a link in the comments if you know one!
Kate:  Ditto on the socks…they are my nemesis!

 Susie: I refuse to create a picky eater so I don’t cut off crust or peel apples.
She still manages to get around those peels 🙂
Kate:  Love moments like these!
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