It’s that time again and this time we are sharing our Blogger Love, Bloglovin’ style.  

So we are about 6 months deep into our blog, still babies in the blogger world, but steadily growing…
One resource we have failed to utilize is Bloglovin’.  Which looking back might just seem silly… Up until the beginning of this week we had 1 follower. (I’m pretty sure that was ourselves).  Now that we are up to a roaring 11 we figured, what a great way to share some blogger love!!
So we started poking around looking for some others that were low on their follower count to spread our Bloglovin’ Love.


The first Blogger we have enjoyed reading a lot recently. 
Check her out on Bloglovin’ HERE
Her most recent post 

Things I Can’t Let Go {Mommy Nostalgia}

This post really hits home because getting rid of baby things is hard!! Even if you know you are done having babies, trying to decide what is a memory and what needs to go is hard!!!


The next Blogger we chose will really get you motivated!!
Check out the Bloglovin’ feed HERE
The post that really stood out was one in a series that most people could benefit from.

40 bags in 40 days: Week 5

Organization is in the air! We just had a post on Space Saving Closet Tips. The start of that post was all about purging. Get rid of it. This blog has me ready for round 2, maybe even 3, and 4!!


The last blog we are adding had multiple posts that sucked us in.
Check out the whole Bloglovin’ feed HERE
A few days ago she had a great post that many bloggers could go on and on about…

Meet the Guy behind my Blog

If you are a blogger (and a woman) a lot of us have a man that supports us in this crazy world of blogging.  They help eat all of our tester foods. They wait extra time to eat because we are taking pictures of food. They proof read countless blog posts. They do plenty behind the scenes. I love that Rosie took the time to interview her Guy.


Perhaps the best part about Bloglovin’ is the feed. You can scroll through so many posts and something will just jump out at you!
Well that wraps up our Blogger Love, Bloglovin’ Style. Thank you to all of the bloggers that have been showing us Love!! It really is a very supportive community!!!
One last thing…. If you want… You can check us out on Bloglovin’…Here!
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