Many people are trying to eat smarter this new year.  When you’re new to a clean food lifestyle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  We’ve been doing it for a while and have picked up a few tips along the way.  We thought we would share these tips with you in a new monthly segment.


Per Dave Ramsey, if you’re on a budget you eat beans and rice, rice and beans.
Well, a can of organic beans can be a tad on the pricey side.
My fix?  I buy dry beans in bulk and cook the whole batch in my crock pot.

You don’t have to soak your beans for this method.  But I do give them a good rinse.
Place you rinsed beans into a crock pot.  Add water until there is about 1/2 inch of water over the beans.  I sprinkle some onion and garlic powder over the water.  Then cook, on high for 6 hours.
(sorry about the black crock pot…didn’t think that through when I chose black beans for the post!)
Once the beans are done, put them in your fridge to cool.  
This step helps to keep your beans from mashing when you bag them.
I usually leave them in the fridge overnight and bag them the next day.
I give my beans a good rinse before I bag them.  But this step is optional.
1 1/2 cups is equivalent to 1 can of beans.
Throw the bags into your freezer until you need “a can”.  Then either run under water to defrost or add them to your recipe frozen. 


My tip for the month is for a meal that about every table sees at lease once a month. Spaghetti and meat sauce. If you are eating an organic diet this might not seem like a ‘cheap’ go to meal anymore.
With a few tricks you can get down the cost of this family favorite.

There are two main things I do to keep the cost of this meal in check.

First, we always have to have meat in our sauce, but organic beef can run a little pricey…
My solution is to mix it with mushrooms.

I dice them up nice and small (J claims to hate mushrooms)
He never complains about the sauce.
I do about 50/50 meat/mushrooms.
Second, I cut the cost of the sauce.

 I use half a Jar of my favorite organic sauce and a can of organic tomato sauce. I buy the tomato sauce by the case at Costco so it is less than $1 a can! I add some extra Italian seasoning and it’s good to go.

Add the two together
Add it to some organic pasta (simply balanced at Target has it affordable)
Good luck with your New Years resolutions!

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