Being in our first year of the blog we have realized how much support we get from other bloggers.  We continue to grow and be inspired everyday by blogs we are reading. So today we are sharing a few posts that we have enjoyed….      

The first post is from  This blogger has so many fun posts, but this one I made the same day. Using things most women have extra of lying around the houses. This fun fake makeup can keep your little ones happy for hours of imaginary play. They can pack it in their purses or keep it on their vanities.
The next post is from a series on  This blogger has been so inspirational to me as I have been trying to purge from all of the clutter in my life. We have so much we don’t need. Our closets are packed with things I’m not sure we will ever use again… She has a refreshing way of talking about living a plentiful life without having sooo much stuff!! is a wonderful food blog.  And then she had twins.  Now it is a food blog that has the most adorable twins you will see. She posted a beautifully and hilariously written piece about her first year of motherhood that I really enjoyed.  Oh, and her instagram will put a smile on your face everyday.   

Want the perfect pancakes?  Well we found them.  We both did.  On our own.  The same recipe.
These are light fluffy and can be whipped up super quick.  And Laura Fuentes is a rock star that inspires me everyday.  She’s the founder of and helps me to stay motivated when it comes to sending my kids to “school” with great lunches that they love.

Thank you fellow bloggers!

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