It’s that time again. See how many of these you can relate too!!

Susie: My first moment any mom knows… You are NEVER alone in the bathroom!!!

Kate:  Hide and seek has started in my house…it consists of Little Miss running into the living room, laying down and covering her eyes.  Seconds later, Mr Monster runs into the room.  They both scream in delight.  Little Miss jumps up and runs into the next room.  Mr Monster chases after her again.  Screams come from the room.  Repeat.

Susie: J finally got to build a snowman after “toooo tooo long”


Kate:  Somehow your kids beat my kids to snow…we had 70 degree weather!

 Susie: Anytime you Need to sit, play a little Peek-A-Boo

Kate:  These animals must have been really naughty.

Susie: The excitement you feel when they love something you love

Kate:  I know it doesn’t look like it, but everything over there was put there intentionally…

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