Do you have a stack of old greeting cards lying around? Or would you like to reuse Christmas cards from last year that are so hard to throw away? This is one of my favorite ways to reuse them. Upcycled Card Boxes!! We just love giving old things new life!Make these card boxes out of upcycled greeting cards. Great for gift giving, jewelry boxes, or even tooth fairy boxes! Loads of possibilities!

So if you are a crafter sometimes you might feel a little bit like a borderline hoarder.  I tend to hold onto things that I ‘might’ use ‘someday’ down the road. So I keep random things that I have no room for, in a semi-organized fashion.  One of the things I have a hard time throwing away is cards. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, baby shower cards, you name it I have some lying around. These reused card boxes are really great way to upcycle greeting cards into something new!

What you Need for your own Card Box:

  • A greeting card
  • Scissors
  • A paper cutter (optional)
  • ….wait that’s it!

Watch the process step by step below! Includes tips for picking the perfect cards for your boxes!

Here is another great idea for using up your old greeting cards!Throw a few of these Christmas Card Puzzles into your bag for a boredom buster to pull out anywhere!

How to create your Greeting Card Boxes

First, separate the front from the back of the card.Fold and cut the BACK to make a square.Without folding the front of the card cut it to a square that is slightly bigger than the back.

We will start with the bottom of the box.

All pen lines represent well-creased folds.Fold all points to center and crease well.Fold all four corners across to the new crease.Unfold. Cut out the two triangles on each side.Cut along the crease, do not cut both sides of the same square.This is what it should look like now.Time to assemble the card box.The bottom is complete.

Now for the Top of our Paper Box

For the top, you won’t want the X-fold in the middle so start by folding in the four corners.
Then repeat all of the steps above.
The top should fit snug on the bottom.

How will you use your greeting card boxes?

J made this card box for an Aunt’s 50th Birthday gift.
He found a penny from the year she was born and a penny from the current year to place in the box.
It was made from the invitation to her birthday party.
Here are a few more card boxes that I whipped up real quick.
I have been making these for years!  Our Grandma taught us when we were little girls.

Another fun idea is to use old Christmas Cards and place them as decorations around the house. Give new life to your old greeting cards! This is a great way to upcycle cards! You can reuse Christmas cards to make cute holiday decorations too!They make great tooth fairy boxes too.

No matter what you use them for they are really cute, easy to make, and cheap!!

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Pin it so you don’t forget!Give new life to your old greeting cards! This is a great way to upcycle cards! You can reuse Christmas cards to make cute holiday decorations too!post signature post signature These remind me of grandma!  I bet Little Miss would love to use them as little jewelry boxes.