On any given day I usually have a few different blog posts in the back of my head that have been started.  But they need pictures.  Or they have pictures but no words. Something about the holiday season has me thinking my post has to meet some sort of expectations. I don’t even know why! It needs a Turkey on it or has to involve the colors red and orange. My Kitchen table looks like this and I am no where near something I want to post!

Have you ever tried too hard to get a post done? Tried too hard to have a post on a certain topic? As I have stated in previous posts, Thanksgiving has never been my thing. I am very happy with my Thankful Tree and I Love my CornBread Casserole recipe; but now that I have done that I think I may be done.
I have to admit at one point I got really close to having an awesome post! I was inspired to do a craft, but I tried to spin it to make it “seasonal” and I didn’t love the outcome… Do you feel that the holidays create an expectation that the posts have to revolve around the season? 
It started as a tree, J vetoed it right away. He called it “lame”. 
Then I used the scraps and made leaves.
They were cute, but I tried finding somewhere to hang them and nothing looked right.
If I wouldn’t hang them why would someone else?

All it made me do was realize how much I would rather start over and do flowers or butterflies with lots of pretty colors. So do I have to keep that post until spring? At this point I needed to pick up the mess. Baby V was due to wake up any minute. I wasn’t going to be shaving anymore crayons today. My fingers still hurt from shaving the first batch, so it will have to wait a little while.

Now the post that was planned became the post that didn’t happen. I thought, all bloggers have to go through this, so why not blog about it! Some day soon, maybe even before spring, I will be doing a post similar to the end result of this one. With flowers and butterflies, but for now I am going to take a big sigh, take a step back, and realize I don’t Have to Have a holiday post for Every post during the holiday season. Not everything in my life revolves around fall leaves and twinkling lights all season, why should my posts…

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Looking forward to seeing some flowers and butterflies. I don’t want to wait until spring!!