Ok, Thanksgiving is a week and a day away.  Are you counting it down?  Are you ready?  Do you remember all those crazy Thanksgiving Day tips I gave you the other day?

The most helpful tip on that post has to be the time table.  That thing really does do wonders.

I decided to try my hand a making my very first printable!
I hope you enjoy, and it helps take some of the crazy off your day!


Just fill in your dishes across the top.  Then fill in the hours down the side.


I recommend writing out one dish at a time.  Start at the end and work backwards.  For example.  I know that it takes about 10 minutes for my mom to carve the turkey.  And it has to rest for a while.  So I’ll start at the end of the time table and add carve; then move back 30 minutes and pull out the turkey.  Then I’ll go back 3 1/2 hours and add put the turkey in the oven.
Clear as mud?  Yeah, you’ll do fine.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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With this even I could pull off Thanksgiving… Maybe…