The longer I have lived in Florida the more I have notice how many different types of palm trees there are! They are different sizes, have different leaves, and different trunks. We had a beautiful afternoon a few days ago so J and I decided to go on a Palm Tree Scavenger Hunt. We walked about a 3 block radius and took pictures of what we saw. Watching a 6 year old look at the world this way was inspiring. We miss so much just going here and there. I had J think of something special about each one. All of the captions are straight from his 6 year old mouth.

This one was full of coconuts.
 Our Trees
A Normal One
Fan Leaves 
Pom Poms
Claw Leaves
 Tall and Skinny
 Fat Bottom
 Thumb Trunk
Cat Tail
Flag Trees

We saw a lot of beautiful flowers, plants, and other strange trees as we strolled along. I highly suggest doing this. Take a walk and let them have a camera, J took about 100 photos, he enjoyed looking for anything different to take a picture of. Now when we are driving around he points out any other different palm tree he sees.

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How fun!  You’ll have to do this again in your new state.  Different pine trees…or something like that.