Well we must have blinked, because another month has passed.  November came and went so fast that I’m still full from all the pumpkin pie.  Here are a few Mommy Moments that we wanted to share.  Looking forward to a wondrous December!

Kate:  Been wanting this shot for so long!!

Susie: Giving up an entire cupboard for a club house
Kate:;  Ditto!

Kate:  While singing our 100th round of Jesus Loves Me, Mr Monster started doing the signs during the chorus!  Big ole smile on this Momma’s face after that one!
Susie: I HATE bugs… Especially some of the ones we get down here in Florida. Lets just say Hubby has a surprise for when he gets home!
Kate:  Love walking into the nursery and seeing both babies sleeping in the exact same position.
Susie: Anytime you catch unforced sibling Love!
Kate:  Ditto…Again!

Susie: When you find yourself making a meal 4 different variations for your family. 

Kate:  The bathtub mohawk. Such a milestone. 

Hope you all had a great November that was full of your own special Mommy Moments.

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