As the Christmas season approaches, we all get a little crazy. There is a lot happiness, joy, and stress to go around. The main thing is to strive to enjoy the season. It comes and goes so fast.  There are so many memories to be made.  To make it through the season there are some definite necessities that you need.  We set out to make a list of each other’s holiday must haves, and we realized that we have the same ones!  Right down to the movies we have to watch.  Must be a sister thing…


Since we do a massive family cookie exchange, we need the right cooking gear. 
-An amazing mixer.  Gotta love the KitchenAid Mixer
After powering through 20 dozen cookies it didn’t even break a sweat.
-Plenty of parchment paper. If you do cookies it is a must have. No need to scrape pans between batches. Literally keeps us sane on cookie day.
 Next always melt some chocolate and dip something in it!
Good Christmas tunes are a must.  We have a soft spot for the classics.  You can’t have Christmas with out good ole Bing!  The day after Thanksgiving, you know we’ll be cranking the same mix CD and dancing like crazy women, as we put up our Christmas decorations.
A stack of timeless Christmas books.
A family favorite has always been The Tall Book of Christmas
There are so many stories to love… Luckily we both have a copy!

Watch old cheesy classic movies like White Christmas
It wouldn’t be Christmas without the song and the movie!

Then make sure to squeeze in a little adult fun. Every year we plop down with a big glass of wine to watch Love Actually as we wrap presents.

What are some of the traditions that get you through the Christmas season?

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