The Dishwasher Tip That Will Change Your World

Today I’m going to share with you a dishwasher tip that I just recently discovered.
A quick dishwasher tip that will help save time. And saving time while cleaning will change your life.
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My Quick Dishwasher Tip

Have I mentioned before that I work full time?  I have?  Oh, OK.
Well, my full-time job is in accounting.  And this week is our fiscal year end.  And anyone that knows anything about working in accounting knows what that means.  It means my life is a bit on the crazy side right now.  I’m dealing with deadlines and decisions and massive amounts of data entry.  I have numbers coming out of my ears.  When I get home my brain is about as fried as the rice that Susie made me make last night.  (which was Amazing, by the way!)

Anywho…Since I’m a little strapped for time (and mental functionality) I’m going to share with you something that I recently discovered.  I honestly don’t know where I read this.  So if I’m stealing this from someone I’m sorry, let me know and I’ll give you some credit.  This little bit of a tip has changed my world.  Literally.

It’s how I load my dishwasher.

Now, I know I’m working my way into some sensitive territory for people.  Telling some people how to load their dishwasher is like telling them how to fold their undies.  It’s personal.  But trust me, this is awesome!  And it’s so simple!

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Load you dishes in groups.  Done.  That’s it.  Put your forks with your forks.  Your spoons with your spoons.  Your kiddie silverware with your kiddie silverware….I’m pretty sure you’re getting the picture. They come out clean, and all I have to do is grab the bunch and throw them in the drawer.

Now for the top…

Line up your cups.  Put your measuring spoons together, Keep the lids with the containers.I know that this is far from rocket science.  But the amount of time this has saved putting away my dishes has been minutes…OK, so that doesn’t sound like much.  But, when you’re staring at your kitchen debating whether or not you should skip the kitchen and grab the ice cream, those couple of minutes help…A Lot.

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68 thoughts on “The Dishwasher Tip That Will Change Your World

  • Theresa A

    This is the way my parents taught me to load the silverware. My husband never did it that way and was amazed by how much time it saves. I love your ideas for loading the top of the dishwasher. I will have to try that!

    • Twitchetts Blogspot

      Thanks! I would say that 98% of the time, they come out clean. Once in a while, it happens. I also make sure that I don't overload the spoon slot. If I have more than 5 or so spoons, I'll give them another compartment.

    • Donna

      Exactly. The spoons will “spoon”, etc. I always load my flatware eating-end down and purposely mish-mash..a butter knife with a fork, etc..if you don’t..somehow all the forks, etc…will line up laying against each other…

      • Erica

        So funny I do this also lol… Years ago I used to match forks and forks spoons and spoons becaue it was easier unloading until it dawned on me that they were nesting (and my mom mentioned it.)

        • Erica

          Also maybe I noticed the nesting more because my dishwasher is older and I’m sure the water pressure has diminished but either way I will continue to mismatch.

    • tammigirl

      If you leave the top on the basket they each have their own slot. I never realized this until one of the kids did it. I thought the tops were to keep small things in the baskets. Life= changed!

  • Julia Nyanyo

    My family laugh at how I rearrange the dishwasher sometimes but it really does make a difference, and I can often squeeze a whole load more in afterwards. Re the question above about the spoons, I just put half in the other way up, that seems to stop them "spooning!"
    I work as a book- keeper but in the UK our year end is end March so I had my mad time a few months ago – I do feel your pain!

    • Kate
      Kate Post author

      Try it!! I was nervous about this too, but I really don’t have too much of a problem with it! Every once in a while I’ll have to rewash a spoon, but not nearly enough to be a pain!

  • teri

    Very good info. I am definitely going to try this. When I empty my dishwasher I also go ahead andfill the dispenser with dishwashing liquid. That way I always know if the dishes are clean or dirty.

  • Mary Isolani

    I’ve done this for years, basically because I’m lazy! Stuff usually goes in a piece or 2 at a time so it’s easy loading but they ALL have to come out at the same time so it makes sense to have like pieces all together! Grab a group with each hand and in the drawer dividers in one swift motion. 4 or 5 moves and they are all in their place! I try to do glasware and, especially, cups like that, too. Glad you are onto it!

    • Kate
      Kate Post author

      When you put your spoons in, drop them in one at a time. This way you can kind of rotate them as you put them in the slot. It will help. Also, keep from over loading the spot. Good luck!

  • Jerre Miller

    A note about your method. If you will stagger the handles your flatware, one up, one down, they will get cleaner and not clup together or stack. Jerre Miller

  • Kaye Dinsmoore

    I use to load mine like this and I found it does take a snap of time to put the stuff away. But then on the other hand took longer yo load so your not really saving any time . Oh and the silverware dies get cleaner when there all mixed up. Just sayen

    • Ken P

      I have to agree Kaye, I’m glad others find it time saving but I think for me it takes more time to load by sorting things into groups and you don’t get as much in. Plus, except for the cutlery, which doesn’t get as clean in groups, I don’t see it helps unloading much as I can only pick out so many mugs in one go to put away so it doesn’t seem to matter where they are. I like to maximise what I can put in to the dishwashers and so for example I mix mugs and glasses for best fit. It’s a nice idea and I see the theory but I’m not convinced on this one. I think if you pretended your dishwasher is broken for a weekend and ‘wash up’!!, you’d see how much time using a dishwasher is saving overall so any few seconds saving this method has is pretty insignificant. Now having your cupboards ordered so the right ones are close to the dishwasher for unloading to save back and forth walking would save me time. I might work on that idea

      • Kate
        Kate Post author

        I agree with having your cupboards organized correctly helps speed things up. I do that as well.

  • JayT

    I feel like silverware doesn’t get as clean clumped together that way. It is easier for spoons to “spoon” for example. Don’t think I’d be comfortable that they were really clean.

    • Kate
      Kate Post author

      I’ve heard that a lot. I think what helps is that I put the spoon side down. It helps to prevent shifting while being washed. So the very rarely end up “spooning”. Sometimes it happens. In those instances, I just leave the spoon in for another round.

  • Joe Anne Claxon

    ..Most of your loading tips do work, with the exception of the silver ware. I tried doing this 40 years ago when I purchased my very first dishwasher. Forks, knives and baby utensils are fine. Spoons on the other hand Will cup or cling together and not get clean. Mixing the silverware assures clean spoons!

  • mimi baird

    ever though about it that way. let me let you in on my secret got my husband and son to rinse and put driectly into the dish washer. Im always rearanging any way.

  • Brittany Ann

    Better yet — throw them in every which way and make the 2 year old sort them and put them away 🙂 Now THAT’S fast! (Well, the two year old isn’t fast, but saves ME a lot of time!)

  • roxy

    Always do it like this. Spoons go ‘one up one down’. All the coffee mugs lined up makes it easy to scoop them up using your fingers as a mug tree. Glasses together the way they are stored and you make less trips between machine and cupboard. Plates are just as easily stacked straight from the machine if they are packed the way they go in the cupboard.Take them out two or 3 at a time and pop on the shelve. Saves you loads of sorting and walking. Just makes sense!!

  • me

    For those having trouble with spoons spooning, if your silverware basket has a flip down slotted top you put each spoon in a slot. They never spoon when they are separated by the slots. You can do knives blade down in the slots as well. I’ve always loaded my silverware with likes together, and the slotted tops make it easy peasy.

  • Debbie

    Your tips are good and easy, but forks should be upside down so gunk and bacteria doesn’t get stuck in the prongs. Measuring cups and other small items have holes in the handles to put them on the top shelf spokes so they don’t tip upside down and fill with water.

    • Kate
      Kate Post author

      That’s a good idea. I’ve always put them up, so that the prongs don’t fall through the holes.

    • Julie

      Spoons can be placed upward and they’ll still wash. If small and large spoons go in the same compartment together then there is enough space created between them. Great blog, thank you I’ve signed up!

  • Kathleen

    All of this works great except the spoons – which have this tendency to nest together, trapping whatever is in the bowls of the spoons. There’s a reason why one particular kind of cuddling is called “spooning” – not much room there!

  • Judith Wolfberg

    My sister-in-law has done this for years. Until now I never did this but I will try it.

  • Tammy Henderson

    This is how I have always loaded my dishwasher and have been laughed at by many people but, it really does make life so much easier when taking care of the dishes.

  • Melanie V

    My OCD forces me to load my dishwasher this way, not my time saving thoughts. If things aren’t loaded in an organized manner, it gets under my skin. Lol.

    • Kate
      Kate Post author

      Lol. Now that I’ve been doing this for so long, I’m the same way. When hubby loads it different, I have to go and fix it. 🙂

  • Kayla

    I do this and have another tip…when my dishwasher is running or hasn’t been emptied yet, I place stuff that goes in the bottom rack on the right side of the sink and stuff the goes in the top rack in the left side of the sink. I can load it SO fast if its a little pre-sorted. My 5 year old even knows which side of the sink to place his dishes when he’s done! 🙂

  • Linda

    Great tip. I already do this. It takes just a few seconds to put forks together, spoons together etc and makes unloading so easy. I’m also a person who stores their Tupperware with the lids on so it just makes sense to find ways to make things easier in the long run.

  • Nancy Canaday

    I think this is a great idea! I’m going to tell my husband about this and see if I can get him to load it this way!

    • Kate
      Kate Post author

      Excellent! Then maybe you can give me some tips on how you got your husband to load your dishwasher!! 😉

  • Julie Nielsen

    My son taught me this when he was a toddler. I had to move my knives to the furthest basket so he couldn’t reach them. Spoons took the first basket (safest). It made unloading clean dishes a breeze!

  • Julie

    Good tip but PLEASE, please tell everyone place to the forks and knives with the points DOWN. there’s a good reason why this is advised in the manuals. Several years ago a Scottish woman tripped over her dishwasher while the door was open and all of the cutlery was standing points up.

  • Marian

    Ok peeps, like was mentioned earlier, this may be a little sensitive for some, but really the biggest time saver is to never let your dishes pile up in the sink…EVER! skip the sink altogether and load directly into the dishwasher. Srape off big food items, but Do NOT rinse. I have had even baked in lasagna come right out of casserole dish. Try it. Once in a while I will get scrambled egg that sticks to a spatula, but having to rewash The one or 2 items that MAYBE don’t come out spotless is a lot quicker that rinsing off everything before you put it in. And no, I don’t organize my silerware, just stick it in. The extra time you take to sort it cancels out any time savings on the back end. I do stack my plates that are all the same all next to eachother and to unload I can just grab them all at once and put them in a stack in my cupboard. 90% of everything that comes out of the dishwasher can be put away without having to take one step. The silverware is in a basket and that is portable so it gets moved to where my silverware drawer is. It has been my now 4 year olds job to put away the silverware since he was 2. We dump it out on the counter right above the drawer and he gets out a stool and puts it in its proper place. He can easily grab and put away all the knives, then forks, then spoons. (I take out any sharp items first). Try this tip out to REALLY save time. (I also put the soap in the dispenser so I know that the dishwasher is dirty it the soap door is closed. )

  • Sandi

    I have 5 kids and I’ve done this ticket my 3rd child in an effort to save time. I have Correll dishes and i literally can grabs 4-5 plates in a swoop, same with the small and medium plates and bowls.

  • Jan M

    I’ve always loaded the sliver ware this way, tines down for the forks, tips down for the knives (I use a piece of plastic scrubber-the poofy plastic ball to prevent knives slipping too far in and blocking the water). This saves time as well because the pointy objects are all facing away. Yippy can reach in grab the whole bunch of knives by their handles and put them away, forks, the same. I put spoons in upside down but use the scrubber at the bottom to prevent the spooning. Bread twist ties can used on the sliverware basket and scrubbers to keep them in place. Easy to change out when they start to shred.

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