Well, we’ve been live for a little over a week and boy have we learned a thing or two.  We thought we would share 10 blogging tips with you.  So if you are just starting out, like us; or have been doing this for a while and want a flash back…here you go!

Susie:  Get set on your heading and profile pics before your first post. This way it stays the same instead of this…

Kate:  If you take out the left side of your ear buds, you don’t talk as loud on the phone.  (But let’s not tell the hubbies that their complaining was founded.)

Susie:  If you sit and watch to see if anyone comes on the first post to a blog, that nearly no one knows of, it is a waste of time…but it’s fun.

Kate:  Don’t take the final pictures of dinner with hungry children at the table, it results in meltdowns. Find a new spot to take pictures or give yourself a few extra minutes to prepare dinner.  A new location is probably more likely.

Susie: Getting followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc takes time, but keep at it slowly it will build.  Look for group boards and pages.  They may be just the help you need.

Kate:  The analytic in me finds this message infuriating…but don’t let it get you down.

Susie: Pushing publish on your first blog post is very exciting!! After that use the schedule so you don’t forget.
Kate:  Take random pics, even with no post in mind. You never know what will happen with those beans…
Susie: Get more Organized!!!! You can never be too organized.
Kate:  Make sure you have plenty of smiles and wine on hand!

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